Prince Snow Farm


October Shadows

Took a walk around yesterday...the change is slow to come to many of our trees that usually 
are a blend of orange and red at this time....

The grass is lush and green...denying the change of seasons as it pretends it is springtime...

The skies were so blue today....not a cloud in site, 
a vast robin's egg canvas...full of dreams and wishes...

The maples cast their shadows long and deep....a scatter of leaves add a decorative touch...

The majestic maples hold tight to their green...willing us a hope for a late fall show....

The grasses and herbs lend life to a barren garden....promising life....

A touch of deep red-orange teases us....

I get lost in the shadows of the woods....a canopy from fall's sunshine, 
a place to pause and reflect....


  1. Hello,
    Your garden is so pretty (lovely photography too), it could be springtime as you say with that perfect sky. Sending Stormy a little hug! My pug is fast asleep from chasing rabbits today!


    1. Thanks Ivan! Stormy says hello to your pug, and would love to come chase rabbits. She is napping after chasing leaves!

  2. So beautiful! We're planning a trip to the cape this fall and I'm happy to see the color might be late in coming there! I know, in general, your color comes later, but the later the better for our trip! :)


    1. Not sure if you are there this weekend, but we are just coming into full color....probably be nice for another week or so, as long as there are no more wind storms.

  3. It looks like the most perfect Autumn day :)


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