Prince Snow Farm



The garden is fading, grass yellowing, there is a chill in the air...
I turn to the woods, looking to find a glimpse of summer to hang on to...

...the greens are abundant and still lush....from chartreuse to evergreen....

...nature delivers a need to pick....

...sunlight spills through the vines and branches...

....touching the forest floor just long enough for its warmth to bring forth jewels ...

...the lichen on this rock adds a layer of rustic goodness...

...glimpses of color...the hooligans of the forest....

...carpets of leaves cover winter's view...

a hint of seasons to come.

I grasp the shadows, the dimension, the tones. I commit the smell, the shapes, the feelings to memory.
I am replenished. I am ready to welcome autumn.


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  1. There are so many things I love about Autumn, these beautiful photos, show many of them.

    I only drawback to Autumn for me is the kids going back to school - I wish they could just holiday all the time, no stress and particularly no homework!!!

    Would love to meet up when you come over to find all your Irish relations. My best friend in secondary school was a Brennan!


    1. I agree! No stress...and I'm a teacher!!!! Love those Brennans!

  2. You have a very nice garden, a nice house and interior, and a place to stay. I guess you can be THE GREATEST gardener and house interior designer. Perfect for real estate designing.

  3. Enjoyed your lovely woodland tour! Nothing like mother nature's gorgeous show! Thank you for visiting!


    1. My pleasure....before we know it, winter will be here!

  4. I'm ready for fall, but the lush greenry you've captured does keep summer in mind for a bit longer! I'm your newest follower...


    1. So glad you have followed! In ways, I am ready for fall too....nothing beets a comfy sweater, jeans and boots :)

  5. What a wonderful and poetic post love it and the seasons are magic :-) Thanks so much for visiting my blog rebeccax


    1. The seasons are magic...keeps us guessing :) Thanks for the visit.


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