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Shadows of Late Summer

I knew the summer was starting to fade when I went to take my usual morning walk to the garden, the shadows hung long and ghoulish down the hill and into the woods. It was a day I knew was coming...but hadn't been prepared for.

So hard to think about tearing out what has been such a big part of summer.

So hard to think about saying good-bye...or perhaps farewell to the bees and hummingbirds...or the catbird who perches on the fence and cries like a baby....

So hard to think that the lush green lawn, the same one that was brown and crunchy during July's drought, will fade to yellow yet again.... hard to see the blossom laden hydrangea start to blush pink around the edges...a hushed whisper of the seasonal change....

I photograph the zinnias and butterflies with a newfound eagerness...

...wanting to capture the vibrance of their colors, their movement, their mystery...

..I play artist, designer, mother, naturalist....

.... with a  furvent need...almost a desperation...

...wishing I could somehow change Mother Nature's plan....

....yet knowing the inevitable is perched on a branch higher than the woods....

I will embrace the changes as best I know how...the same way I have for (almost ) 47 years. Sorrow building up in my heart for what we are losing...but joy unfolding as nature delivers the next adventure.


  1. Simply beautiful! Your home & garden are stunning!!

  2. I have noticed the changes in my own garden, too. My white border is getting less sunlight and more shaded by the shadows of the house, fence, trees, etc. Thanks for putting that football next to our beloved Max :) haha....he is getting huge!! Your photographs are beautiful!


    1. I went to your blog and looked at your garden. Sigh. So beautiful Loi. Your garden is a tranquil, peaceful, reflective place. I think Max may be full grown! More news to follow :)

    2. I am so sad that Max is done. Oh well...something to look forward to next year.

  3. your garden is stunning , your home always a dream for me and your writing so beautiful
    i share the same emotions , ans i 've noticed the changes too here in Brittany ...
    back to school time will come then fall...But summer memories never fade away...


    1. Morgane I am sooooo glad you are still out there! I have missed you! School and fall for both of us again....I miss your photos and blog!

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    1. Thanks Gloria....we have a busy, but wonderful summer tending it.

  5. What a gorgeous garden! Your house and plantings definitely capture the Nantucket spirit.


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