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Photo Book of Our Garden

We made a photo book of our garden today...thinking it would be nice to be able to look back, compare from year to year, etc.... Plus they are having a sale (up to 40% off til August 22, 2012)) on photo books. I also had a code for an extra $10 off (extra10)....and free shipping over $30 (ship30)...bringing the 75.00 12 x 12 book down to 30 someodd dollars shipped. Well worth it.

I installed the iphoto loader that they offer, and it made my job 10x faster than it has been in the past. (for all of you Apple users :)Very helpful.

If you are like me, then allow plenty of time to sit down , be picky, and make sure you edit! (I started criticizing my tense choices...the teacher in me).

Create a gorgeous, high quality wedding photo album at

Disclosure: If I email a link to this post to Shutterfly, they will give me $10 towards a future purchase! I didn't find this out until checkout when it asked if I wanted to share. So if you blog and make a book, you will (I'm assuming) get the same offer :)


  1. I love it! What a great memory book of Summer 2012!!!


  2. Thanks! I cannot wait til it arrives...I will take it to school to "show it off" a little!

  3. That's a great idea!
    Now I really want to photo book something :)

  4. I love Shutterfly! I'm kind of addicted. I'll have to remember that next time and share, so i can get a discount. I saw that, but wasn't sure how it was put on the blog. Your book was gorgeous! Can't believe that garden!! Holy cow!

    Btw thanks for your sweet comment earlier. It made me feel a little boost of confidence and I needed that. Thank you. Have a great night girlie.


    1. Same thing I said to Sara Louise! It was very cool that it loaded right from Shutterfly into my posts....I edited to personalize....very easy.

      As fo the comment....from the heart!

  5. Newest follower!

  6. Um don't give up on the summer just yet...


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