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A Few Days Away in New Hampshire

After receiving an email for 2 nights for the price of one, plus an in room amenity (chose champagne and truffles....haven't had the champagne yet, ate all the truffles myself), and a 30.00 golf credit (and the golf was only 35.00), we headed up to Whitefield, New Hampshire to the peaceful setting of 
The Mountain View Grand Hotel.

It's so big, it's hard to get the whole thing in a photo. The front porch is lined with adirondack chairs. It's a perfect place for a frozen cocktail, a good book, or just some quiet time.

No matter which way you turn, the setting is gorgeous. It was in the 50's at night, and barely 70 degrees during the day. 

Mountains in every direction.

Beautiful plantings.

A stunning, well kept golf course. Only 35.00 for golf after 3:00pm

Directly across from the hotel.

An 8 year old taking in the view on the way to the pool.

I could look at this all day long. Reminds me of the view some newfound friends have in Toppenish, WA

Pull up a chair
Yes, even at 8 and 13, they do appreciate the views.

This is the back of the hotel.

Thanks Auntie S and E /C for taking such good care of Stormy and Ruby while we were gone.


  1. What a beautiful place! You got a fantastic bargin. I am putting on my list of places to see! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Definitely , put it on your list...won't be disappointed!

  2. Hello! This is Lilly Forever over at I wanted to let you know that my blog has a new name. It is now “OMG I Am 50” or As a current follower, I hope you will continue to visit my blog! Also, if my previous blog name is on your public blog list please update it. Thanks for being a follower of my blog. I really enjoy your blog too!

  3. Wow what a beautiful vacation. Just look at those mountains. Thanks for sharing. =)

  4. What a stunning resort! You must have had an amazing time! Can you just imagine how beautiful the foliage is!


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