Prince Snow Farm


An Early Saturday Morning Walk

It's been very busy around here. Getting through the last few weeks of school is busy with grades and paper work and cleaning the classroom. I am finished on June 13th and cannot wait. Can't wait to clean my house (boy does it need it)...spend hours gardening...take the kids to the beach...and just take a much needed deep breath...

This morning I took an early morning walk...taking in the beauty nature has to offer...
Ten Year Old Majestic Lavender Getting Ready to Bloom

Last Year's Planting Making a Brilliant Flowering

A Celtic Garden Ornament


Lots of Different Variteies of Beans

Beach Roses

A Tumbling Wall

Rustic Goodness

A Saturday Morning Moon 

The Back Nine :)

Female Oriole on the Apple Tree

Endles Summer Hydrangea

Pretty Now...but droops terribly in the hot summer sun...would never plant in full sun again

Ivy on the stone wall

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