Prince Snow Farm



Our Raised Bed Garden

Beach Roses


An 8 Year Old's Creation

Tis the Season

"Oranges Poranges...Who says"
-Witchy Poo

Let Me Sleep


I've Been Creating....

Muslin Bags filled with lavender stamped with a Paris Postcard

A Finch on Thistle


Chickadee Love

The Garden of Tomorrow

The paper bags are simple...they come hole punch and thread the ribbon...also available without the ribbon.....great for candy buffets....

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Cool Blues and Greens on a Hot Summer Day

I actually ordered this...can't wait to see it...thought maybe with white jeans or capris.....

Source: via Prince on Pinterest


Source: via Prince on Pinterest


Time for a good read.

Awareness...because gluten-free isn't just a fad. Especially when you are 8 years old.

Could build a whole room around this. What would you think in a dining room?

Source: via Prince on Pinterest

Only a girl with freckles would get this :)

Stay cool!!!

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An Update....

Garlic Scape Pesto

Here's the amazing pesto made from garlic scapes that I was talking about this morning....I am on my umpteenth batch...the house smells amazing! Kevin Lee Jacobs shares it on his fabulous website, A Garden for the House. We have been dipping crackers in it...but I can't wait to pull a batch out of the freezer for pasta!

A Post for Garlic Lovers....Keep the Vampires Away!

Just picked our garlic scapes...they are beautiful!

Go here for a marvelous recipe for garlic scape pesto!

No laughing at my pre 7:00 garden's been 95 degrees here...have to get down there early! These peas are well above my head...and I'm 5'6' ish

Connecticut Field Pumpkin
Baker Creek seeds

Heirloom Tomatoes
Baker Creek seeds

Baker Creek Heirloom Tomatoes...

These Sperry Rain Boots Have Worked Well in the Garden

Love the Peas!

Fava Bean


More Great Ideas Than I Can Possibly Use in a Lifetime

I have been pinning "great Ideas" on I just need to use them! I give credit to whoever came up with these fabulous was not me! ENJOY! (Click on the image one or two times for more information...and feel free to click the red Pinterest button to the right to follow my pins!)

Source: via Prince on Pinterest

What's not to love...icy cold drinks at an arm's reach!

Source: via Prince on Pinterest

Now this is amazing..and grand!

For those always dry spots...perfect in summer.

Source: via Prince on Pinterest

A pantry behind a pantry? Gotta have.

I am all for help around the house!

Great idea to keep iced coffee from diluting.

I can always use motivation.

I know I could do this!

There are a buzillion more great ideas out there! Hope these help get you going!


An Early Saturday Morning Walk

It's been very busy around here. Getting through the last few weeks of school is busy with grades and paper work and cleaning the classroom. I am finished on June 13th and cannot wait. Can't wait to clean my house (boy does it need it)...spend hours gardening...take the kids to the beach...and just take a much needed deep breath...

This morning I took an early morning walk...taking in the beauty nature has to offer...
Ten Year Old Majestic Lavender Getting Ready to Bloom

Last Year's Planting Making a Brilliant Flowering

A Celtic Garden Ornament


Lots of Different Variteies of Beans

Beach Roses

A Tumbling Wall

Rustic Goodness

A Saturday Morning Moon 

The Back Nine :)

Female Oriole on the Apple Tree

Endles Summer Hydrangea

Pretty Now...but droops terribly in the hot summer sun...would never plant in full sun again

Ivy on the stone wall

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