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A Sweet Hand-Crafted Mother's Day Gift Idea

I posted about this for the past two Mother's Days, because it is the best gift!

Fill a jar with childhood memories written on pretty little papers..tie it up with a pretty ribbon! Voila!

If you have siblings...get them in on the action. Have them email you 2 or 3 precious memories. One of my favorite parts was my mom reading them out loud. There were an awful lot of antics with 5 of us running around!

I picked up this jar at TJ Maxx I came with the sweet little chalkboard label already intact. Raid your kid's craft bin for a piece of chalk.  It is a very sweet keepsake.


  1. I think that's an ADORABLE and creative mothers day gift!!!

  2. Such a cute idea - I love it! Your new header is so pretty too!!


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