Prince Snow Farm


Garden Tour Part II

Welcome back to our garden...

May has been a lovely month of abundant sun, necessary showers, and gardens bursting from the thawed spring ground.

We have been busy planting the first vegetables (and replanting beans after a very unthoughtful frost), and tidying up the yard.

Take another walk with me as I show you a bit more of what we have growing!
Bleeding Heart
Dicentra formosa



 Allium spicatum

Come back soon!  I will be inviting you on another journey of nature at its finest.


  1. What pretty pictures! Unfortunately, I can't grow anything. I have no gardening abilities what-so-ever! Yours is beautiful though!

  2. I love your are gorgeous! I am working on some plants in my yard area where there is some shade near garage....I am planting elephant ears and some ferns.....


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