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Candied Radishes...Yum!

Had to post a few pictures of this gorgeous spider mum...


Very proud of our first attempt at tomatoes from seed...many varieties of heirloom tomatoes...all shapes and sizes....

Proud Mama

First Pick...and a VERY yummy recipe below....

I have posted this recipe before, but there are so few really yummy things to do with radishes, that I felt it needed a repost.  Make sure you have a bit of is time consuming...not the prep, but the cooking itself..
It's the perfect recipe to start while you are doing laundry and tidying up. I searched and searched for recipes...and kind of combined a few. I call them "Candied Radishes":

1) Wash radishes and remove stem end and tip.
2) Slice.
3) Place in a pan where they have room to spread out.
4) Add 1 stick butter.
5) Cook on low...allowing butter to melt, but not high enough that the butter burns.
6) Stir in a cup of sugar.
(This is NOT low fat :)
7.) Stir until sugar is melted in.
8.) Add about a cup of water, turn to low heat, cover.
(I leave a little crack, otherwise this tends to boil over)
9) Boil until radishes seem tender.
10) Uncover, stirring occasionally, until almost all liquid has evaporated.

Radishes are cooked when water has evaporated and you are left with a sugary sauce coating the radishes. (See picture above).

They are AMAZING!!!

Be prepared though...this took about 55 minutes.


  1. Never heard of candied radishes! How did they taste?

    Love the spider mum. Beautiful photos!

  2. Oh gosh, I love that flower explosion! And the candied radishes, I've seen that once before and now I'm smitten with the idea, great post!


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