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Candied Radishes...Yum!

Had to post a few pictures of this gorgeous spider mum...


Very proud of our first attempt at tomatoes from seed...many varieties of heirloom tomatoes...all shapes and sizes....

Proud Mama

First Pick...and a VERY yummy recipe below....

I have posted this recipe before, but there are so few really yummy things to do with radishes, that I felt it needed a repost.  Make sure you have a bit of is time consuming...not the prep, but the cooking itself..
It's the perfect recipe to start while you are doing laundry and tidying up. I searched and searched for recipes...and kind of combined a few. I call them "Candied Radishes":

1) Wash radishes and remove stem end and tip.
2) Slice.
3) Place in a pan where they have room to spread out.
4) Add 1 stick butter.
5) Cook on low...allowing butter to melt, but not high enough that the butter burns.
6) Stir in a cup of sugar.
(This is NOT low fat :)
7.) Stir until sugar is melted in.
8.) Add about a cup of water, turn to low heat, cover.
(I leave a little crack, otherwise this tends to boil over)
9) Boil until radishes seem tender.
10) Uncover, stirring occasionally, until almost all liquid has evaporated.

Radishes are cooked when water has evaporated and you are left with a sugary sauce coating the radishes. (See picture above).

They are AMAZING!!!

Be prepared though...this took about 55 minutes.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

 We are still in the process of fence planning and planting....still not sure what we are going to do in between the beds....

We planted perennials right behind the twisted rustic fence.

Some beds are planted...some not yet...

Love the fence.

So pretty....

Radishes are the first crop we have picked...carrots and beets are doing well....

Our first attempt at fava excited to see buds yesterday.

The garlic is doing great.



What's growing in your garden?


A Rose is But a Rose.....

Isn't this rose lovely? I wanted to capture it before it had Dad gave each of his daughters a rose for Mother's Day.  And Mom gave us each a pretty card and a yummy candy bar. So...on top of getting amazing , written from the heart, save forever cards from my own 
two kids, (and a gift card to Lowe's for my annuals), I brought home a couple of extra treasures. 
I love the delicacy of the rose against the roughness of the burlap.


Garden Tour Part II

Welcome back to our garden...

May has been a lovely month of abundant sun, necessary showers, and gardens bursting from the thawed spring ground.

We have been busy planting the first vegetables (and replanting beans after a very unthoughtful frost), and tidying up the yard.

Take another walk with me as I show you a bit more of what we have growing!
Bleeding Heart
Dicentra formosa



 Allium spicatum

Come back soon!  I will be inviting you on another journey of nature at its finest.


DIY Favor Idea...Great for Any Occasion

Made these sweet favors for our daughter's First Communion...

They are filled with packs of sunflowers and zinnias

Found the printable tags at the craft store...

Hole-punched the top and threaded through a pretty ribbon

They really were a hit...spring is a time of renewal...planting a seed or two
 is the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of nature.


Look What the Tide Brought In


Love.... gently shaped by grains of sand....tossed through time....grasped by the fingers of  random passersby

These heart-shaped rocks were found at our town beach...each a testament to their journey...

-Enjoy your journey.-


A Sweet Hand-Crafted Mother's Day Gift Idea

I posted about this for the past two Mother's Days, because it is the best gift!

Fill a jar with childhood memories written on pretty little papers..tie it up with a pretty ribbon! Voila!

If you have siblings...get them in on the action. Have them email you 2 or 3 precious memories. One of my favorite parts was my mom reading them out loud. There were an awful lot of antics with 5 of us running around!

I picked up this jar at TJ Maxx I came with the sweet little chalkboard label already intact. Raid your kid's craft bin for a piece of chalk.  It is a very sweet keepsake.


A Couple of New Rustic Treats..."Down on the Farm"

Look what's new at Prince Snow Farm:
Lavender "Good Luck" Toss for the Modern Bride

I am now crafting these precious little envelopes filled with home grown lavender ,(without chemicals or pesticides)....a modern twist on tossing rice, and not as messy as birdseed!

These would also look adorable at each guest's place.

These would be great for a destination wedding, as they wouldn't take up much space in your luggage....just make sure customs allows plants to cross whatever border you may be crossing!

Contact me directly for more info or shop through my Etsy shop!


Crafting a Rustic Fence

I showed you a sneak peek last week...still an amazing work in progress.  I love the photo of all of the "Tarzan Vines" scattered about the yard.  It looks like a graveyard of Mammoth tusks...No?

The lumberjack husband did fall from the ladder this weekend in his quest to find "The Perfect Vine"...or perhaps he was feeling the urge to swing through the jungle. All kidding aside...he is fine. Sore. Bruised. But in one piece.

A Rare Mammoth Tusk Discovery :)

There's something pretty cool about building a garden fence straight 
from nature. It helps to have a crafty husband. Stay tuned.

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