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A Spring Garden Tour

While the temps pushed 80 degrees here in Coastal Massachusetts yesterday, we need to keep reminding ourselves that it is ONLY April. We have had an odd few months. We had snow before Halloween...then no snow to speak of all winter...maybe one good storm...mild temps...perennials that never died back...bizarre. And before you start talkin' Global Warming...last winter we had nonstop snowstorm after snowstorm and bitter cold.

Everything is blooming early...the daffodils have gone by...we don't typically plant the veggie garden until late May...we'll keep you posted on that!

Please admire the garden arbor. My crafty husband, AKA "the lumberjack", has been yielding his chainsaw and crafting a rustic garden fence and arbor. I will share the entire process when finished.

For now, join me for an early morning walk around our property.


  1. Gorgeous yard. I hope the season continues mildly like it's been the last couple of days.


  2. Just beautiful! Your husband has done an amazing job on the arbor. It looks great.

  3. Your property is beautiful! Thanks for the pictures. The arbor is amazing and I LOVE the rock wall!

  4. Such a Beautiful place; I know you will have fun working in it this summer! The arbor is gorgeous for sure! You have a very talented husband. I will be back to see how it is looking as spring and summer progress. It'll be lovely! Thanks for stopping by our place this morning. I do hope you will return!

  5. It looks so lovely! And enjoy those warm temperatures! It looked like Spring was showing up in my little corner of France back in March and then cold weather and rain blew in!! Please send some of your sunshine my way :)

  6. I adore everything in your garden : the stones wall , the little red "house" , the vegetation, you move your garden by the way !
    It must be a pleasure to watch it every single day ( says the one you live in an appartment!)
    ps: i'm alive... not blogging but still alive!


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