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Rustic Home Furnishings

I love the feeling of reclaimed, repurposed furniture. Furniture that makes you feel like you are living in Provence , or in the middle of a that makes it seem  that you have just built something from a piece of this and a piece of that...your grandma's old shutters, your Great Aunt's kitchen floor boards...a great yard sale or rummage sale find.

Source: via Prince on Pinterest

Slightly "shabby chic"...slightly French Country...abundantly homey and comfortable.


  1. All your photos make me feel like summer is on it's way, if only. I particularly like the large old sign about what to do on a porch.

  2. I also like the comfy, rustic look. The porch sign is adorable!

  3. I adore the sign about what to do on the porch. Such a neat post. It makes me look so forward to summer!

  4. I understand your style and rustic furniture is made for this kind of ambiance. The old and classic furniture designs make the house look elegant and bright. It is simple and it seems you are living or surrounded by nature.


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