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warning: some discussion in this post is not for those with weak stomachs

Why? Why Cyclic Vomiting? Why her? Why no cure? Those of you who have read my blog have read many a post about CVS.

The last 2 days have been draining. More so for my 8 year old than for me...although I feel pretty beat up. C suffers from Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. (also called abdominal migraine). She was diagnosed at 3 with CVS. Unfortunately it took a lot of time, research, and doctor visits to get us to the diagnosis.

 I mean kids throw up , right? Not like this. Imagine vomiting harder than you ever have. All night. Every 15 minutes or half an hour. Imagine your stomach clenched in pain...your head spinning like you were riding the Tilt-a- Whirl on high speed. Imagine knowing as you close your eyes that it will be back in what seems like an instant. Constant over the top nausea, vertigo, vomiting and pain.

C describes it like this :  "My belly feels like something is trying to get out of me, like someone is trying to hurt me. When I get my dizzy eyes ,(vertigo), it feels like something is shaking the Earth. My eyes are open, but I only see black. I feel a lot of makes me achy and uncomfortable. The vomiting hurts the most when it is just acid coming out."

Amazingly enough, C has tremendous willpower to rebound the next day. Her waking hours are spent sitting drawing or watching tv. Her episode doesn't effect her appetite. I have her lay low and snack throughout the day. She doesn't eat too much before bed because well..."what goes in comes out."

Our routine of bowl, washcloth, tissues, hair elastic, and mom in the trundle is down to a science. C doesn't have to get out of bed...probably wouldn't have the energy to anyhow.

C is classified a s a calendar kid...she is triggered by time...not cheese or chocolate or stress. She has never been dehydrated or hospitalized. As difficult as each episode is, we always remember that there are kids and adults out there who suffer frequent episodes. It effects their work and school, their social lives.

CVSA has the support of doctors all over the  world helping to find a cure or treatment.

Please tell someone you know about CVS. There are many people looking for answers. Thanks.


A Spring Garden Tour

While the temps pushed 80 degrees here in Coastal Massachusetts yesterday, we need to keep reminding ourselves that it is ONLY April. We have had an odd few months. We had snow before Halloween...then no snow to speak of all winter...maybe one good storm...mild temps...perennials that never died back...bizarre. And before you start talkin' Global Warming...last winter we had nonstop snowstorm after snowstorm and bitter cold.

Everything is blooming early...the daffodils have gone by...we don't typically plant the veggie garden until late May...we'll keep you posted on that!

Please admire the garden arbor. My crafty husband, AKA "the lumberjack", has been yielding his chainsaw and crafting a rustic garden fence and arbor. I will share the entire process when finished.

For now, join me for an early morning walk around our property.


Rustic Home Furnishings

I love the feeling of reclaimed, repurposed furniture. Furniture that makes you feel like you are living in Provence , or in the middle of a that makes it seem  that you have just built something from a piece of this and a piece of that...your grandma's old shutters, your Great Aunt's kitchen floor boards...a great yard sale or rummage sale find.

Source: via Prince on Pinterest

Slightly "shabby chic"...slightly French Country...abundantly homey and comfortable.


When Times Were Much Simpler

Why does it seem that time is so fleeting these days....rushing to work, meetings, meals....never stopping to smell the roses...well, occasionally stopping to smell them, I must admit. It just seems like every minute is filled with "something". We aren't even a family that has kids in a lot of sports or activities, yet there are times when we go, go, go at a ridiculous pace. Even this past weekend, after attending a baby shower, I was thinking even that becomes another "thing" on our list.
 I don't want it to feel that way.

From My Private Collection

We are so very lucky to have the summers off with our kids. We don't work in the summer...and we feel the pursestrings tighten as the summer weeks pass; however, we revel in EVERY moment. We plant vegetables and flowers. We play frisbee and ride bikes. We take rides and see sites. We bake cookies, slice juicy tomatoes, and eat on the deck. We have the gift of time. And what a gift it is. 

From My Private Collection

I wish I could stay at home and carry those same traditions year round. I wish I could create for Etsy each morning after cleaning up the house. I wish I could work on (one of) the many "books" I have started...yet to be finished. I wish I could have the house filled with
 fabulous aromas as my kids and husband stream through the door each afternoon.
 Old-fashioned? Maybe. I hope so.

Not complaining....just sayin'......

(*and as always, I am  willing to accept sponsors who want me to be a "stay at home mom"!)


Easter Appetizer Ideas and Wandering Round the Yard

Source: via Prince on Pinterest

Don't these look amazing!

Oh yah baby...that's what I'm talking' about!

A modern twist on a big dinner...

I cannot wait to get in the garden.

Our sweet baby ....loving having warm bodies around for a few days...snoring away....


Some Favorite Places, Spaces, and Decorating Ideas

Some of my Favorite Places .....Some I dream about...Some have already come to fruition...Some great ideas for the future...

Love this ...the colors are very pretenses...

So simple...yet such an impact!

Our Favorite Summer Hang-Out


Haven't seen this room this clean in a lonnnnng time :)

Would love to pull up to this house in this car every day.

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone! Dream a little dream.....


Extended til Wednesday Morning...Giveaway!

As the spring days are giving us (some) warmth, and lots of daylight.
..I felt it was time to host a giveaway!  

(Open to all readers around the world!)

The prize? 
A set of 5 Hand-stamped Tags with 
Vintage Seam binding, 
Vintage Ribbon or twine.

 All of your choices are shown below! 

Now this is going to be a quickie! 
 All entries must be made by Tuesday...I will be drawing on Wednesday!

How to enter:

1)  Leave me a comment. (1 entry)
2) Join my Pinterest (link above right) (1 entry)
3)Share my Giveaway on your Blog (1 entry)
4)Link to my giveaway on your blog (1 entry)

(Please leave me additional comments letting me know what you did!)

(Note:  I only have one set of the Easter tags left, 
so if they sell in my Etsy shop, they won't be available as a choice.)

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