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Sure Signs of Spring

While we have had unseasonably warm weather this past week (mid 70's), here in New England, we know not to get too excited.  My daughter wore shorts mid-week, and it was quite comfortable; however, this week is predicted to be more seasonal...upper 40's and low 50's.

The heat has greened up our grass....budded the trees and shrubs, and has caused a chorus of early morning  birds.  As a gardening family, we can't help but worry that this early heat may throw the normal pattern of springtime growth into a bit of confusion.

Seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom
Time to plant indoors.

240 Cloves of Garlic
Our First Attempt!
Wish Us Luck.

Three Raised Beds of Just Garlic!

Early Birds

"Please Can I Pick Some Mom?"

Fresh Picked with Love
Mini Greenhouse...a Great Homemade Cold Frame
With all that being said, we sure have been enjoying the reprieve...240 cloves of garlic shooting up from the sweet smelling earth...daffodils flowering a full month ahead of schedule...a neighborhood of playmates running around in shirt sleeves...coming in dirty, smiling....and ready for dinner.

My husband built an amazing cold frame in about an hour this morning. We are going to put in some early peas and exciting!


  1. Isn't this the strangest New England weather ever??? I've never seen it this way. No Snow and 80 degree days in March!

  2. Love the little green house. Wow, 240 cloves of garlic. Love it roasted....then spread on french baquette.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. I love garlic- it is so versatile and good for you at the same time. Yumm! Great little green house/ cold frame! Have fun planting all the newbies and watching them grow- beautiful flowers- I would have wanted to pick them too!!!

  4. Oh I love your cold frame! How's it working out? Thank you for stopping by!


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