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3.31.2012 Has me All Wrapped Up!

Ribbon...especially vintage ribbon....I think I have an unnatural obsession. Silky seambinding, vintage satins from Paris....vibrant name it...I love it.

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Sure Signs of Spring

While we have had unseasonably warm weather this past week (mid 70's), here in New England, we know not to get too excited.  My daughter wore shorts mid-week, and it was quite comfortable; however, this week is predicted to be more seasonal...upper 40's and low 50's.

The heat has greened up our grass....budded the trees and shrubs, and has caused a chorus of early morning  birds.  As a gardening family, we can't help but worry that this early heat may throw the normal pattern of springtime growth into a bit of confusion.

Seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom
Time to plant indoors.

240 Cloves of Garlic
Our First Attempt!
Wish Us Luck.

Three Raised Beds of Just Garlic!

Early Birds

"Please Can I Pick Some Mom?"

Fresh Picked with Love
Mini Greenhouse...a Great Homemade Cold Frame
With all that being said, we sure have been enjoying the reprieve...240 cloves of garlic shooting up from the sweet smelling earth...daffodils flowering a full month ahead of schedule...a neighborhood of playmates running around in shirt sleeves...coming in dirty, smiling....and ready for dinner.

My husband built an amazing cold frame in about an hour this morning. We are going to put in some early peas and exciting!


Tip of the Day and My 300th Post!

My husband picked me up 2 Oxalis  or Shamrock plants at the grocery store today. They were marked down to 50 cents each.  I know, he is quite a romantic.  I have not had Oxalis since we moved here 13 or so years ago. Granted, these need a little lovin...but they will be perky in no time with a little TLC. Oxalis are a very graceful houseplant, whose shamrock shaped leaves close up at night. 
They get a pretty white flower.  

I placed these in a vintage chartreuse dish on our kitchen island.

This is what they will look like with some love and affection.

So while you are off squeezing the passion fruit and reading the cover of 
The Enquirer...rescue some pretties...and test out your green thumb.


Great Wedding Ideas

Although I am almost 16 years happily married, I can't help being fascinated with clever wedding ideas...I am always tearing pages from magazine, bookmarking websites, and now "pinning" fabulous ideas. I always wan to have the most unique ideas available when I start my (dream) job as a wedding planner :)  Just email if you need me!

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Source: via Prince on Pinterest

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Some Dream Wardrobe Pieces

If I had an unlimited budget (funny...I actually can't say I even have a limited can't have a budget for certain things when all $ is already accounted for), one of the things I would do is extend my wardrobe to include every piece I adore...every piece that makes me say "Awwwwww", every piece that is on my Pinterest.  Thought I'd share a few:

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My Style Icons:


The Playroom That Once was a Dining Room

We once had a dining room...but about 8 years ago it became a playroom so that we could have the kids nearby while cooking, etc... I was growing a bit tired of looking at the game and craft cabinets, so I tried attaching scrapbook paper in random patterns to the inside of the glass on the cabinet doors. I think it came out pretty cool. Sort of a Lilly Pulitzer vibe.




Help out Our Friends in Kentucky

After the devastating tornadoes this past week across the country, many are in need of our help.

Please visit my blogging friend Stephanie's blog to help her raise funds for a former co-worker, ( at CVS where she is a pharmacist ), whose family has been devastated.

Steph has a HUGE heart...and a lovely blog. She has a paypal link right on her blog. Please visit and read this heart-wrenching story.

The Red Cross can also use emergency donations. Your local Red Cross will gladly accommodate you.


Nautical For Spring...Come Sail Away!

Love, Love, Love the new looks for spring...the look of sailing in France...carefree, comfy, eye-catching.  Just a few selections for you to choose from!

Come visit my Pinterest and become a follower!  Click the red button at the top right of my site!
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