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Our Daily Routine

Thought it might be neat to read about one another's daily routine...we know our likes....and yes, even our dislikes....our dreams....and our hobbies....but what about the everyday ordinary life we live from day to day?

Thought I'd start it off, and you can link up if you'd like!

Typical Weekday:

5:20 alarm goes off(although I'm usually already awake)

5:25 Get your sorry *** out of bed.

5:30 Turn on the little heater in the bathroom and hop in shower.

5:40 Dry hair/get dressed/make-up, etc....

5:50 Greet the puppy...get attacked in her "I've missed you" frenzy. Feed her.

5:55 Pop my son's waffles in the toaster and pour his milk.

6:00 Wake my son.

6:05 Pack lunches/Get Lunch Money Ready/Water Bottles/Backpacks, etc...

6:15 Wake my daughter.

6:20 Finish getting ready. Pack something to eat at school for breakfast and lunch.

6:30 Wake my husband and kiss all good bye.

6:50 Arrive in my classroom.

6:50-7:30 Prepare for my job as a 6th grade Math and Science Teacher

7:30-2:23 SCHOOL

2:23 Book it out of school to make it to my daughter's pick up at 2:45.

3:00 Arrive Home

3:00-4:30 Clean up the breakfast :( Throw laundry in, do dishes, general clean up, etc...

4:30 Start something for dinner. Still cleaning as I go.

5:00-5:30 Eat at some point in this time frame.

5:30-7:30 Help with homework, do a little schoolwork, pay a few bills, get the picture.

7:30 Jeopardy! Wouldn't miss it. Still doing dishes, I watch....

8:00pm Read to my daughter, then watch a bit of TV

9:30 Good-Night

Now help me figure out where to insert time for working out, doing work for my Etsy shop....


  1. Your schedule sounds just like my sister in laws as she is a teacher and mother of two as well. It won't be like this forever.

  2. Ha! Right? Where to find the time. If I didn't keep a list to keep me in line I would forget everything. Cute topsiders. My niece is obsessed with topsiders- going to have to share this with her to see if she's seen them- too cute.


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