Prince Snow Farm


He's At it Again!

I'm rather enjoying the fact that my 13 year old has been out in the snow again today taking is off the hook! i must admit that I adore the back of our "garage". The front is shingled to "match" our gray shingled antique cape....the back is in all its glory....our home was built in 1830.

here is a sneak peek of what I am crafting with my coveted felt hearts....attached to burlap bags with very sweet.


  1. I love your felt heart! It's so pretty. And great pics too :)

  2. Love the outdoor pics ... too bad we rarely, if ever, see snow! And, I recognize those fabulous felt hearts (LOL) ... look forward to seeing your project. Thanks so much for your kind comment about my Valentine kitchen ... I *wish* I had more hearts!

  3. Did you find more hearts? Your project is so cute and sweet! If you put candy in those bags it will be even sweeter! Love the garage too...I LOVE old houses! I bet yours is gorgeous! I love fixing them up but not too much...don't want to lose that "oldness"! Tell your daughter she did good! I miss the snow!

  4. Love your little hearts attached to burlap! Thanks for all the inspiration.


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