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This Is Even a Bit Much for New England...and a Few Winners!

What? Snow? In October? Come on now. Did we not pay our dues last winter? Really now? A Nor'easter came sweeping through our neck of the woods this past weekend. We actually just got a dusting...unlike our friends in western Massachusetts or further north who received MANY inches...and high winds. There were widespread power outages due to the heavy limbs on trees that still were covered with leaves.

Really Mother Nature? If this is a sign of what is to come this winter...count me out. Or south.

Topic 2: Dark Mornings...anyone else tired of driving to work in the dark? I leave the house at 6:30 every morning...but I have been procrastinating lately...hate to drive in the dark...have terrible "night" vision. Hasn't helped that I have had to scrape the ice off of my windshield a few mornings as well.

Topic 3: Shutterfly Winners: Congrats to Mary, Steph, and Kacky...the 3 winners of my Shutterfly give-a-way. I have emailed you the codes. Please let me know if you don't get them.

Almost Wednesday!!


  1. I am so honored and excited. I would like to thank you ... and Shutterfly ... and the Academy ...

    Maybe I've gone too far.


  2. I know - a Nor'easter in October? Did you lose power? We got ours back but my kids schools have been closed. Wacky New England!

  3. You've had snow already??? It was super cold today but sunny. The snow looks pretty on the pumpkin. Take care!

  4. That is absolutely insane. I'm in shorts and a short sleeve shirt still although I feel a little chilly...

  5. Snow??? really ? I'm still about 65 degrees out there , don't even wear my winter coat ! I hope winter will keep you in rest for a while now! it's fall , snow snow go away , come back another day !
    I'm thrilled you leave your house this early in the morning: 6.30 is time i wake-up ! BUT I UNDERSTAND you : i hate driving in the night too.

  6. brrrrr.......
    Went to the beach yesterday and it was still in the 70's. Great afternoon walk along the cliff in Half Moon Bay. I am lucky lucky lucky!

    I hope your snow all melted - feel for your 6:30 commute in the ice, I remember those days too!

  7. That is nuts!!! Snow ??? Seriously???? But see, to me that is cool, but I don't live there... I am not a big fan of the cold, hence I live in Texas where when it gets below 60 everyone freaks out and if there is even a HINT of snow, schools are closed and everyone is panicked.
    I am so excited to have won the cards!!!!! Thank you! I would say I never win anything but I won a vase at this luncheon about a month ago- maybe my luck is changing! =)


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