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Thanksgiving Place Cards from Martha Stewart

I have been making these cute little trivia turkeys with my class of 6th graders for YEARS now. I found them long ago in a Martha Stewart Living Magazine, and have continued the tradition each November.

They are placecards for the Thanksgiving table, with trivia questions on the feathers. How fun!

Martha has even included a template and trivia question/answers on her site. Thanks Marth.

In the classroom, I have my students pull their trivia from the current science chapter, then they play a little trivia game with their classmates. They love it. Many of them have been inspired to go home and create placecards for their entire family for Thanksgiving dinner.

A little turkey...a little trivia...all good.


  1. That is SUCH a cute idea! I have to do this with my kids.....we are always on placecard duty. Last year we made thumbprint turkeys with the little cousins....we'll have to make trivia turkeys this year!

  2. Martha is a domestic goddess indeed. I am drawn to her ideas year after year, she never seizes to inspire. Those turkey trivia placeholders are super cute {and fun}.

  3. I know your kids enjoy every second!

  4. I guess it's time to plan something good for Thanksgiving. It's gonna be just me and my husband. Just love the Holiday season!

  5. Very cute idea. Will have to share =0)

  6. happy to have found you.. love this idea.. and i also adore nantucket..xx pam

  7. That sound like a good way to keep kids happy while waiting for everyone to be served.


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