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Kindle Fire Review

My 12 year old son is getting Amazon's Kindle Fire for Christmas from his grandma this year. It arrived today and we thought we should charge it just to make sure it is working properly before storing it away for the next month.

As with my 2nd generation Kindle, set-up was extremely easy. Remove from box, attach wire, plug in to is downloaded via wi-fi, and it is good to go. (Needs to get a full charge)

What we like:

Super fast internet and downloads

Color screen....with VERY vibrant colors


Previous Kindle purchases show up in "the cloud", and can quickly be downloaded to this device.

Previous Audible purchases can be quickly downloaded

Very clear graphics on apps

Comfortable to hold

Easy to understand

Comfortable use of Qwerty keyboard, especially when turned sideways

A Great Perk:

My son loves the fact that he can listen to his favorite Audible books WHILE he is browsing the internet. (So yes, he can now listen to the book for his book report, while he is shopping for sneakers :)


For Volume, you have to go to the settings quick touch button like our 2nd generation Kindle

But so far, that's our only con...really!

The Kindle Fire is reasonably priced ($199)compared to other similar devices. This one could give the iPad a run for its money.

And don't worry Grandma, we are putting it away now....maybe.....

(This review is based on personal opinion. We have not been compensated by Amazon.)

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