Prince Snow Farm


I am Thankful...

I am thankful for:

My Children's Presence in My Life
My Husband's Thoughtfulness
Family Gatherings
A Warm Coat and Gloves on Chilly Mornings
Food When I am Hungry
A Soft Pillow to Rest My Head
A Good Book to "Take Me Away"
A Garden to Tend and Nurture and Harvest
Friends who never judge...who are always there
A Puppy Who Depends on Us
Students Who Actually Care
A Job to Go To...Even on the Bad Days
My Health
A Place to Call Home
Memories of Grandparents...and Great Grandparents
Someone Who Can Make Me Smile...or Laugh Hysterically
Hopes and Dreams
Children who aren't too old to snuggle their mama

I am thankful for the Life I Live...everyday.


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