Prince Snow Farm


Good-Bye Summer

A picture is truly worth a thousand words...I will let these photos express what I will miss most about summer...
Heirloom Tomatoes
Flowers waiting for bees...
Family Trips
Window Boxes Spilling with Color

Tomato Tarts

Sprinklers During heat Waves...and Smiling Faces

I DO look forward to fall...not so much winter. Can't wait for warm sweaters and crisp nights. Pumpkins and mums.


  1. Fires and football and hearty soups! New England leaves, hayrides, apple picking! Oh - I love this time of year! (Although I love and will miss summer too!) Hope you're having a good back-to-school!

  2. You have visited Ben & Jerrys?! We wanted to go this Fall..., but am not sure if it's going to happen.

  3. What? Not ready to concede summer yet...

  4. County Fair! Thanks for your note. I love the fall, all energized again for Projects. Today's is a little pink rocking chair, a bike ride, pay bills and put money in the bank so the paid bills will clear. Missing my kids off to college but still have four at home. Back to the stove-grapes are cooking down.

  5. Fall is my favorite New England season - I really do miss the foliage and all the traditions, food, fashion, and decor that go with it...Enjoy!

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  6. Fall is here too ! i kiss summer goodbye and welcome this beautiful season !
    i hope you're ok my friend!


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