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Garlic Lovers This is For You!!!

I must admit I could keep the vampires away any given day (or night) of the year...which is probably a good thing considering how many vampire related movies, books, and TV shows there are out there right now. But I'm getting off topic...

I love garlic. It has the amazing ability to add flavor to the blandest of dishes. Garlic shrimp, roasted garlic, garlic mashed, garlic pasta name it, and I put garlic in it.

So when I found Garlic infused olive oil by Boyajian, I snatched it up. It did not let me down. The first time I used it in cooking was when I made a crusty bread using a recipe from King Arthur Flour. That was before we went wheat flour free in our house. I will try to perfect this same bread with rice may take some practice!

I also discovered that you can order right on the Boyajian web site for a fraction of the cost of many retail sites. I bought a HUGE bottle on the Boyajian site for only one dollar more than I paid for a teeny bottle at another site. Plain old olive oil will seem so blah after you cook with this oil.

Also in garlic news...we have purchased garlic to plant in our garden from Grey Duck Garlic. This Washington farm sells certified organic garlic which is sustainably farmed. I cannot wait to plant this fall crop. Garlic stays in the ground all winter, and is harvested the following summer. Cool. Take that Dracula.
(photos courtesy Boyajian and Grey Duck Garlic)


  1. oh garlic , i can't cook without them too ! especially in summer actually . My father use to plant them so i have tones of organic ones for the winter in my kitchen ! He use to "organize" them in braid , like my grand-father did , it's so nice in a kitchen !

  2. How cool, what a great find for foodie friends

  3. Thanks for the link, I went to the site and can't believe all the infused oils to choose from...I love the flavor of garlic, but sometimes fresh is a little too strong for my taste.


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