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This is me today. In fact, this was me yesterday. Tired on a Monday? Doesn't make for a good week. I need an "Alice" like the Brady's had. Badly.


Zinnias Are Soooo Easy to Grow

Lacking in the "Green Thumb" department? Plant zinnias. They are so easy to grow. You sow the seeds directly into your garden in late spring. No need to coddle delicate seedlings. No need to transplant. They are tough, hearty plants. Ours continued to push forward right through the high winds of Hurricane Irene.

One of my absolute favorites is "Envy". It is a chartreuse beauty.

Growing Tip: Sow seeds once a week for a month to stagger blooming time.

But be will become addicted!


Good-Bye Summer

A picture is truly worth a thousand words...I will let these photos express what I will miss most about summer...
Heirloom Tomatoes
Flowers waiting for bees...
Family Trips
Window Boxes Spilling with Color

Tomato Tarts

Sprinklers During heat Waves...and Smiling Faces

I DO look forward to fall...not so much winter. Can't wait for warm sweaters and crisp nights. Pumpkins and mums.


Garlic Lovers This is For You!!!

I must admit I could keep the vampires away any given day (or night) of the year...which is probably a good thing considering how many vampire related movies, books, and TV shows there are out there right now. But I'm getting off topic...

I love garlic. It has the amazing ability to add flavor to the blandest of dishes. Garlic shrimp, roasted garlic, garlic mashed, garlic pasta name it, and I put garlic in it.

So when I found Garlic infused olive oil by Boyajian, I snatched it up. It did not let me down. The first time I used it in cooking was when I made a crusty bread using a recipe from King Arthur Flour. That was before we went wheat flour free in our house. I will try to perfect this same bread with rice may take some practice!

I also discovered that you can order right on the Boyajian web site for a fraction of the cost of many retail sites. I bought a HUGE bottle on the Boyajian site for only one dollar more than I paid for a teeny bottle at another site. Plain old olive oil will seem so blah after you cook with this oil.

Also in garlic news...we have purchased garlic to plant in our garden from Grey Duck Garlic. This Washington farm sells certified organic garlic which is sustainably farmed. I cannot wait to plant this fall crop. Garlic stays in the ground all winter, and is harvested the following summer. Cool. Take that Dracula.
(photos courtesy Boyajian and Grey Duck Garlic)


World of Dormia...A Great Family Read

My 12 year old son and I have been reading and re-reading an awesome series called Dormia by Jake Halpern and Peter Kujawinski. The first book, entitled Dormia, brings to life a cast of "sleepwalkers"....people who seem like you and I, yet have this fabulous ability to do difficult, unique, and amazing things while in a sleepwalking-like state.

The main character, Alfonso, a 12 year old boy, leads us on a journey in one of the best fantasy genre book series my son and I have ever read. Halpern and Kujawinski bring to life the characters and settings(such as the magical land of Dormia), in a way that literally takes your breath away. There is nothing better than a book that allows you to feel like you are truly walking alongside the characters, experiencing the thrills and adventures as they do in Dormia. Well maybe there is something better...Book 2, World's End.

World's End was soooooo engaging. The reader is reunited with Alfonso, now a teenager, and a cast which is a blend of old friends and new.This second book in the series will not let the reader down. Alfonso's adventures are bigger, better, more action packed. The authors have taken their character development to a whole new level, allowing the reader to make lifelong bonds to the characters. The settings conjure a bursting of the senses, allowing us to experience Alfonso's journey with a true connection. But be prepared, this book ends with a cliffhanger!!!

The third book in the series, The Shadow Tree is anxiously anticipated by Dormia fans. The website states to check back in a couple of months...not sure that this 12 year old, and 40 something year old can wait that long!

We would love to see this made into a movie. My son and I have already planned the full cast. We're here if you need us Mr. Halpern and Mr Kujawinski!

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