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Irene, Irene, Irene

Well, things are not looking good for us in the path of Irene. If you look at this map, we are north of Martha's Vineyard in the "armpit" of Cape Cod. As of right now it looks like we will also be on the right side of the storm. The worst side. We don't have to worry about being flooded from the ocean, as I think our house is probably at some of the highest ground in town...but the wind...too chancy. We are surrounded by woods and trees. Ugh.

It is a ways off...estimated to get here on Sunday...perhaps Mother Nature will spare us and all in its path and turn out to sea. I am thinking about all of my other blogging friends along the east coast. Prepare early, stay safe. Evacuate if not try to be a hero.


  1. Hope you and all my blogging friends along the east coast stay safe. Praying for Irene to head out to sea.


  2. It has us in its direct path. We will get it and it will be the ugliest storm of my lifetime...I expect to be without power for a week. No fun!

  3. Good luck with the storm, I'm hoping she slows down...we're on a narrow spit of land north of Portsmouth NH, so I'm concerned, too. My husband spent all of his summers growing up in Eastham, so I know your area. He has memories of spending nights in hurricane shelters during some of those summers!


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