Prince Snow Farm


We Are Fine

We are fine. We were without power or phones for 34 hrs. The power came back in the night. I do not think I was meant to live the life of Little House on the Prairie.

Phones are charging, washer is washing, dishwasher is doing its thing. Great feeling.

We had very high wind and wind gusts, but sustained no more than branches down here and there. As for rain...the east side of the storm didn't have a problem.

Hoping that everyone else is fine!

Back to work today!


Irene, Irene, Irene

Well, things are not looking good for us in the path of Irene. If you look at this map, we are north of Martha's Vineyard in the "armpit" of Cape Cod. As of right now it looks like we will also be on the right side of the storm. The worst side. We don't have to worry about being flooded from the ocean, as I think our house is probably at some of the highest ground in town...but the wind...too chancy. We are surrounded by woods and trees. Ugh.

It is a ways off...estimated to get here on Sunday...perhaps Mother Nature will spare us and all in its path and turn out to sea. I am thinking about all of my other blogging friends along the east coast. Prepare early, stay safe. Evacuate if not try to be a hero.


I Have a Winner...and Other Things to Show You!

Congrats to Lisa at Shine Your Light. She has won the seagrass runner! She has such a sweet blog. Great recipes...decorating tips, and family fun.Please contact me Lisa! I chose the winner with Thanks to all of the entrants :)

We have FINALLY started picking veggies. The kids and I had fun yesterday arranging them into faces. Enjoy the pics.


A Weekend at the Essex in Vermont

We just returned from a fabulous weekend in Vermont at The Essex. We were a little apprehensive, due to previous reviews we read...but I am happy to was FABULOUS! Today I will highlight the hotel...tomorrow I will show you some of the fun places we visited on our trips up and back.

Here are 2 of the 3 Main Buildings

Our Room

This is a Culinary Institute, so this was the first thing we encountered in the lobby. There was also a chef making amazing filled crepes. Lemonade and cookies available in the afternoon.

The Entrance

Outdoor Pool

They offer hot air balloon rides!

The Restaurants

Play Croquet...we did....I lost!

The Culinary Gardens

The path to the tennis courts.

The beautiful grounds.

We had a wonderful time. We rode bikes, swam in the indoor and outdoor pools, hung out on the hammocks, played at the playground, ate in The Tavern, toured the garden, played croquet, and the kids did the zip line which neighbors the hotel grounds.

The staff was so courteous, our room and the entire facility was very clean and well taken care of. The food was FABULOUS, and Chef Arnd and Chef Calley paid great attention to our gluten free accommodations(along with the kitchen and waitstaff...and any other chefs we haven't mentioned).

The resort also offers a full spa and fitness center. And because this is a Culinary Institute, you can also cook with the chefs and then eat the marvelous dinner you create. I would love to do this on another visit.

There is no need to leave this hotel! We give it 5 stars!

Stay tuned tomorrow for our stops at King Arthur Flour, Ben and Jerry's, and Cabot Cheese!

Also, please leave a post on my giveaway by 6pm eastern to qualify!


Caprese Salad and Other Pics From the Week

Caprese Salad...a staple to my summer diet. I start eating this in August for lunch, and literally eat it every day for lunch right through October. Heirloom tomatoes, freshly picked basil, buffalo mozarella. The flavors blend in a way that just makes you enjoy every bite. We make it by the platterful. Lately I have been drizzing it with Cains Naturally delicious Balsamic. Perfect. Nothing like building up your lycopene for a healthy immune system!

In other new...A few nature sightings this week:
This cicada was taking a siesta on our stairs.
..and apparently I interrrupted this snakes siesta as I was watering some flowers...he does not look happy with me.


August Wishes

It's August. And for teachers, well, at least for my husband and I, a depression starts to edge its nasty self into our beautiful summer. Our summer where we have spent everyday with our 7 yr old daughter and 12 yr old son. Our summer of growing vegetables, tending the lawn, picking flowers, swimming lessons, golf lessons, track competitions. Our summer of cooking meals, and catching up on projects. Our summer of reading lots of books, writing in journals, and actually keeping up with the laundry. Our summer of shades up and windows open by 6:30 am. Our summer of playing Sorry and UNO, and dominoes.Our summer of trying to keep to a budget as the funds dwindle.

I know some of you are sneering right now...perhaps thinking I'm selfish to feel this way. But remember...I don't get paid for the summer...and yes, it's OUR choice to stay home with our kids. I sell LOTS of things on EBAY and have been trying on Etsy as well. I plan short weekend jaunts a few hrs north, and stick to a pretty strict budget. My husband works a part time job during hockey season...also trying to help extend our summer dough. And we live in Massachusetts, where teacher salaries, benefits, and retirements DO NOT even come close to other states.

So where am I going with this? I actually LOVE being home with the kids. I LOVe making lunch and dinner and baking. I LOVE decorating and rearranging...and yes, sometimes even cleaning. I wish I was a stay at home mom. There, I've said it. I really do. I wish I could pop in on my daughter at lunch time at school. I wish I could run a forgotten book or backpack. I wish I could watch as they climb the stairs to the bus each day. I wish I could have the house perfect and a snack waiting as they arrive home each day. I wish I had time to work on several writing projects I have begun.

I even went so far a few yrs ago to write to major corporations and ask if they'd sponsor me as a stay at home mom for 1 yr. Didn't work. The offer still stands!

So for now, I will go bake some GF cupcakes, and put the laundry away. I will go pick some tomatoes and cukes and bring our homegrown gifts to the neighbors, I will watch my son lounging on the sun porch reading a book, and my daughter playing with her dolls...but I will do it with a heaviness on my shoulders.

I will play the lottery tonight.


What to Do With Those Radishes...So Sweet!

We always grow a few rows of radishes...but one can only eat so many radishes sliced on a salad...and honestly, not my fav... I searched and searched for recipes...and kind of combined a few. I call them "Candied Radishes":

1) Wash radishes and remove stem end and tip.
2) Slice.
3) Place in a pan where they have room to spread out.
4) Add 1 stick butter.
5) Cook on low...allowing butter to melt, but not high enough that the butter burns.
6) Stir in a cup of sugar.
(This is NOT low fat :)
7.) Stir until sugar is melted in.
8.) Add about a cup of water, turn to low heat, cover.
(I leave a little crack, otherwise this tends to boil over)
9) Boil until radishes seem tender.
10) Uncover, stirring occasionally, until almost all liquid has evaporated.

Radishes are cooked when water has evaporated and you are left with a sugary sauce coating the radishes. (See picture above).

They are AMAZING!!!

Be prepared though...this took about 55 minutes the last time I did it.

These are also better used right away, because when stored, the butter hardens.

Get creative!

Bon Appetit!
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