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Fog's Rolling In....

We have been surrounded by fog quite a bit lately. We've truly had a gorgeous summer...and on the days we were supposed to get rocked by the heat...our little neck of the woods has been fogged in. I happen to love fog. Its mystery, its romance, its peacefulness. I love the way it lays a gray cloud of mist over the field and garden, the way it brings a cool, moist breeze to our hot summer skin. I LOVE fog. Loved it as a kid. Love it now. Do you like fog?


  1. I'm a fog lover too. I love to wander the moors on foggy mornings and take pictures. I do feel for travellers tho' who can't fly out. as they say, fog happens.

  2. I love hot weather. I have no idea why everyone is complaining...

  3. We live in the land of fog here in San Francisco - totally get the mystery and the fascination. Sometimes it looks like a river pouring over the coastal mountain range.

    Thanks for stopping by the Everything Coastal Blog - nice to meet you!!

  4. daffodil,
    nice shots. fog creates very different moods.
    nikonsniper steve


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