Prince Snow Farm


In My Element...Life in the Garden

Just a few images that bring a smile to my face...

Does anyone happen to know what the second fern up is called? It has taken over a shady corner and is stunning.

Snapped these after the rain...
I have been on a cleaning binge, as our house has become a pit of clutter during the last 2 weeks of school.

Kitchen done..playroom done...sunporch almost done...

Happy Sunday Afternoon.


Lots to Tell

Hi everyone. First off, sorry I have been gone so long. Life has been incredibly hectic. I have tried to read when possible....but no time to comment or post. I will try to be better.

Our family cat passed away last night. Maggie was 18 years old. Amazing. She was a great companion. We are feeling the loss and emptiness. I got her as a kitten my first year teaching. I was just a baby...26 years old. Now this is my 19th year teaching and I'm yes, we have been together a while. It's an odd feeling. I keep looking for her...she is resting peacefully in our flower garden. Love you Mags.

Secondly, we have been VERY busy constructing, carrying, leveling, filling, and planting. Our new raised bed garden is on its way! We shoveled organic soil for 3 days! I'll post more photos as it progresses.

And yes...finally spring. Many of you know it was a long time coming. Once the cold faded, it rained for 2 weeks. Now 80's and 90's. Where did spring go?

Looking forward to taking the day of tomorrow to go on a farm field trip on the Cape with my 7 year old. Can't wait. Looks amazing.

Only a couple of weeks left of the school year and then I"ll have time to blog!
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