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Vacation...Right Here in Town

We are all on school vacation this week...the 2 teachers and the 2 students! On Saturday morning, my daughter announced she wanted to fly a kite. So off we went to fly a kite. We headed down to the lighthouse 2 minutes away. The wind was whipping...the air....less than balmy...a mere 42 degrees. We had on long johns and coats and hoods....and very cold hands. The weather was nasty...but the kite flying...a BLAST! The views are enough to take your cares away, even on the days when you were hoping for spring breezes gently blowing through your hair.

It's 9:38 am and 54 degrees. The sun is popping out....might have to head out for some more kite flying :)


  1. Coincidence yes ! Your lighthouse is very nice as wall ... You seem to have a late spring this year ? Or is it usual ? In general it seems we have some similar weather conditions from side to side of the atlantic ...
    I hope you 're enjoying your holidays ... This week end was , for us, a pre holiday time ... Have a good week ( last one before break for us too)

  2. Enjoy. That really sounds like a perfect activity.

  3. How fun! Kite, family, beach and stellar views!
    xo Cathy

  4. well they are "scampi" ( i didn't find the translation in english , perharps they don't exist in your atlantic side ) we eat them au naturel just with the salt butter and bread , with Bourgogne it just is like heaven !

  5. I love vacationing in town! Despite the nasty weather it does look beautiful. I miss those gray days of New England! It's a great day to fly a kite with those lovely surroundings! :) -- in reply to the container garden comment on my blog: 13x8 beds! WOW! that's incredible! my little 5x2 will be my first attempt at container gardening ( besides little pots of herbs.) If you have any tips- I would love to hear them! I wish I could be a fly on a near by bush in your yard to learn your gardening techniques! I'm a little nervous, but it's about doing something new so I'm excited!


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