Prince Snow Farm


Squeaking Out Some Signs of Life...

I have been admiring everyone's gardening blogging. My garden is a little slow coming. I shoveled 3 inches of fast falling snow at 8 o'clock Thursday night so that my husband could pull into the driveway. It was gone by noon the next day...nothing to show for my valiant efforts. Today I admired my daffodils and irises showing me their efforts...and they are doing a fine job. Perhaps I will actually be able to show you a blossom sometime soon! I am off to concoct a cocktail...much needed after a frazzling week with a frazzling class. Happy Weekend.


  1. your spring seams to be late this year : here daddofils are "dead" yet ; we have fabulous spring , sunny and warm those day ! I hope you're well my friend

  2. Spring is coming, albeit slowly, here in Connecticut. We were away for a little ski vacation in Utah last week, left with snow on the ground and came home to an explosion of daffodils, just jet fire, tete a tete and ice follies for now but definitely exciting!

  3. Tete-a-tetes are blooming on island. I'm still checking for mayflowers. Did you hear the peepers last night after Town Meeting?


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