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Something We Can't Live Without

I love the Brita Pitcher...and now it's available in gorgeous colors as well! (Although we will keep our boring white because it doesn't truly need to be replaced.) We have cut back on using water bottles in a big way. It's amazing how much water a family of four can drink. So now, instead of heading to BJ's for the big 24 packs, I pour us each a Nalgene (BPA Free) and tuck it into our lunchbags. Good for us...good for the environment. It's a win, win deal. Bottoms Up!!


  1. I just bought the bigger Brita container, that hold 18 cups. I was worried the water still wouldn't taste great but I was wrong, I love it! Definitely saves money and helps the environment.

  2. We made the switch to using a Brita pitcher about 2 years ago. Its amazing how many bottles of water we have NOT purchased.


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