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Safe Harbor

Do you have a place to go when you need to feel safe? A place that feels like home? You know, the place that brings the memories of childhood rushing forth at a tumultuous speed? I do. It's the harbor you see in these photos.

I grew up 2 min. up the road. I marched onto the bridge during Memorial Day parades, my brother and I played on the rocks by the shore while my mom sat in the car watching us. The village across the bridge is filled with quaint shops: books and jewelry, housewares and antiques. I spent many hours as a kid staring in store fronts, dreaming of adulthood and all of the treasures I would fill my home with.

It's the sort of place you can go anytime and feel at home. It wraps you up like a blanket and takes all of your cares away. My safe harbor.


  1. This post reminds me of Jimmy Buffett's "One Particular Harbor"! And, of my safe harbor here in Southern NJ!

  2. I have several places like this. I cherish each one...

  3. What a gorgeous place! So peaceful.


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