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These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Winter has not been easy here in Southeastern Massachusetts. More inches of snow than we care to count. More mornings of slip sliding to work than my knuckles can endure. So I am dreaming of spring a little early this year.
The Raw Bar...the biggest lobster rolls you have ever seen. A day after school ends tradition.

Lemon Drop Martinis...refreshingly simple.

Walking the path to the beach...warm sand on bare feet, blue water sparkling on the horizon, beach plums bursting with sweet smelling blossoms.

Daffodils everywhere...a sure sign of spring.

How has your winter been? Are you craving warm sun on your face, days when the winter coat and gloves can get packed away, and open windows with sweet smelling breezes? me too!!!!


  1. Our winter was strange : so cold ans snowy on december and january was rainy and cold ( cold is unusual here) !brrr : my uggs , beanie and down jacket ( and faux fur leopard coat meow!) were worn a lot! But now spring is on the air : sun is warmer , daddofils everywhere too!
    Concerning Ireland i've been 3 times : february, june and july during my holidays time : it was soooo great , i hope one day i could take my daughters there to visit !

  2. I recongnized the Raw Bar immediatly! Lots to look forward to in the warmer weather. Have a great vacation week! Seashell and I are going to the Berkshires to ski.

  3. Ah... seeing these photos make me yearn for summer. I had such a great time on Nantucket then last year! :) ♥

  4. LOVE the Raw Bar! Best lobster rolls ever!

  5. I have never been to the Raw Bar up there. I have never had a lobster roll either. I would jump at the chance...

  6. I am yearning for summer, too! I cannot wait to spend some quality time at my parents' beach house!


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