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Mother and Daughter Set for Spring!??????

This winter has been WAY snowier than normal here in Massachusetts. As a result, I know that our spring will be VERY muddy. So my daughter and I decided that our old rain boots needed to go...

I picked the lavender from Sperry. I picked the lavender becuase of my lavender garden...and will have lots of exciting news regarding this in a couple of months.They are lined with a soft fleecy lining. I have always wanted a pair of Hunter boots; however, my budget said NO WAY!

My daughter picked up Kamik's tiny check rainboot...and she is thrilled!

On a side note, yes that is more snow. We woke up to a couple of inches this morning. Even the apple trees are tired of it.

Back to work tomorrow.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the boots...I cannot wait until my lil girl gets big enough so I can buy rainboots for her.

  2. The picture of your boots makes me smile. I really like the color you chose. I too would love to own a pair of Hunter wellies, but the budget and weather in Central Texas don't warrant that purchase :(

  3. Great boots!! I am a huge fan as they are quite necessary in Seattle :)

  4. My daughter needs the wellies for The DC area. here snow is somewhat of a mystery although we got our share in December and January.

    Nice pics.


  5. totally digging the boots!! emma has been eyeing my Hunters and I'm kinda like "uh no, not at the rate your feet grow!!!"

    (and the only reason I have Hunters is that they were a birthday present - couldn't swallow spending that much on myself for rain boots)

  6. Love the boots! I have a black pair with pink hearts.


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