Prince Snow Farm


Mother and Daughter Set for Spring!??????

This winter has been WAY snowier than normal here in Massachusetts. As a result, I know that our spring will be VERY muddy. So my daughter and I decided that our old rain boots needed to go...

I picked the lavender from Sperry. I picked the lavender becuase of my lavender garden...and will have lots of exciting news regarding this in a couple of months.They are lined with a soft fleecy lining. I have always wanted a pair of Hunter boots; however, my budget said NO WAY!

My daughter picked up Kamik's tiny check rainboot...and she is thrilled!

On a side note, yes that is more snow. We woke up to a couple of inches this morning. Even the apple trees are tired of it.

Back to work tomorrow.


Our Sledding Hill

We are so lucky to have an incredible sledding hill...right here in our own yard. It's been a journey though...when we bought our house 12+ years ago, we didn't know what we were in for. People literally came from EVERYWHERE to sled on our hill. Cars lined our very narrow street. We had a Winter Wonderland...until....some teenagers decided to stay really late, get really loud, and swear beneath my then infant son's window. Not good. At all. Still, we tolerated it for a while longer, until someone got hurt and had to be transported by ambulance. That was it. Up went the Private Property and NO Sledding signs. Amazingly enough, each winter someone sneaks through...usually an adult who sledded on the hill as a kid. They pretend not to see the sign...perhaps to enjoy that thrill once more. I get it. We stand in the window...shocked, but not totally surprised. They take a few runs and then leave. Our neighbors have open reign. But my husband equates the strangers using our hill without asking, to us hopping in their pool without asking. A perfect analogy I think. It sure has been a good year for a little "Private" sledding.


These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Winter has not been easy here in Southeastern Massachusetts. More inches of snow than we care to count. More mornings of slip sliding to work than my knuckles can endure. So I am dreaming of spring a little early this year.
The Raw Bar...the biggest lobster rolls you have ever seen. A day after school ends tradition.

Lemon Drop Martinis...refreshingly simple.

Walking the path to the beach...warm sand on bare feet, blue water sparkling on the horizon, beach plums bursting with sweet smelling blossoms.

Daffodils everywhere...a sure sign of spring.

How has your winter been? Are you craving warm sun on your face, days when the winter coat and gloves can get packed away, and open windows with sweet smelling breezes? me too!!!!
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