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Summer vs. Winter Hmmm.....

So are you a summer or a winter person? I am definitely a summer person. I recently took the top photo overlooking our yard from a side window in our foyer. The bottom photo was taken this summer. It looks out over our hydrangeas, and down below to the flower garden and vegetable garden, with the woods beyond. It's funny, you can't even see our lavender plants in the summer photo, but they are visible in the winter photos. The winter photo is also pretty with the snow and grasses...but the flowers are what really make me happy. I miss gardening.


  1. Even though my birthday is the end of Summer I think that I am more a Winter person. I think I like it for the fact that I like the feeling of getting under a blanket with a throw and reading a good book or knitting.

  2. I'm this kind of person who loves all seasons ! Really , but if i have to pick one i guess i choose summer too : i'm too on ocean and sun and outdoor activities ...
    Ps / YOU HAVE A SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL GARDEN , i'm jealous : hydrangeas rocks ! it's the embleme of the part of France where i live , we call them : hortensias ...
    Take this link , you will see where i lived when i was younger and hydrangeas in front of stone houses...

  3. Definitely a summer person! :)

  4. SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER! all the way!


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