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Neighborhood Night

This weekend we are going to what we call "Neighborhood Night Out". Twelve (adults only!!!) of us get together a few times a year to eat, drink, and be merry...and drink some more. We always end up having ladies vs. gents (yeah right) game time for a LOT of laughs. (So these six couples' 17 children will be with gram and gramps for the night:)...although several are way way way too old for babysitters...)

So what will we eat? Well, I always make cheesecake,but I am so tired of cheesecake.So I've been looking for some great ideas. So...we are making shrimp fried rice, and one of the desserts I discovered on the Pier 1 site under "Tasting Party". Check it out...there' surely something to please. Enjoy.

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  1. Your weekend plans sound fantastic. I am hungry just looking at those pics. Did you get any snow yet?


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