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A Little More Christmas...

Chandelier in the playroom (used to be the dining room) Peace to all!

My grandmother's angel. My parent's had once thrown it away when they were purging old Christmas "stuff". I picked it from the trash, glued the porcelain head back on...and have been in love ever since...and long before...

Our teacher/nurse/secretary gifts all bundled up. Home grown organic lavender in a hand stamped muslin bag. My kids stripped the lavender from the stems. A project of love. The cards are a collage of our lavender, kids harvesting, drying, etc...

A Norman Rockwell handstitched. I bought it at a craft fair over 30 years ago as a teen!

Clementines around a flickering candle. Looked much prettier before we started eating them! I love to decorate for the holidays with fruit. Oranges with studded cloves are also fabulous.

Although I hate this door, I love our gold porcelain fish and the wreath under a spotlight at night.

Santa guarding the garage. My neighbor's dog looks at Santa with fear and joy as he inflates. My kid's beg for us to put him up each year.

So, done with shopping? baking? wrapping?

Me...not so much with any of the above. I will be baking tomorrow...cookies, truffles, and a King Arthur's flour cheesy bread. I'll post some pictures...and recipes if you would like!!


  1. love the oranges and clementines stuffs: same here !!! i hope you're well my friend!

  2. Love your lavender gift baggies! What a neat idea!

  3. Love the Clementine Oranges!!!!

    Merry Christmas to you and those you love!!


  4. The fish is very nice!!!!!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!!



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