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Merry Christmas My Friends.

Here's to a Happy, Healthy Holiday, and a Wonderful New Year!

(Card copyright Dana Morris at, notecards available)


A Little More Christmas...

Chandelier in the playroom (used to be the dining room) Peace to all!

My grandmother's angel. My parent's had once thrown it away when they were purging old Christmas "stuff". I picked it from the trash, glued the porcelain head back on...and have been in love ever since...and long before...

Our teacher/nurse/secretary gifts all bundled up. Home grown organic lavender in a hand stamped muslin bag. My kids stripped the lavender from the stems. A project of love. The cards are a collage of our lavender, kids harvesting, drying, etc...

A Norman Rockwell handstitched. I bought it at a craft fair over 30 years ago as a teen!

Clementines around a flickering candle. Looked much prettier before we started eating them! I love to decorate for the holidays with fruit. Oranges with studded cloves are also fabulous.

Although I hate this door, I love our gold porcelain fish and the wreath under a spotlight at night.

Santa guarding the garage. My neighbor's dog looks at Santa with fear and joy as he inflates. My kid's beg for us to put him up each year.

So, done with shopping? baking? wrapping?

Me...not so much with any of the above. I will be baking tomorrow...cookies, truffles, and a King Arthur's flour cheesy bread. I'll post some pictures...and recipes if you would like!!


**Tartan for the Holidays**

I have a soft spot for tartan around Christmas...makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I have a gorgeous tartan shawl my in-laws brought me from England years ago...can't wait to pull it out this weekend.


Neighborhood Night

This weekend we are going to what we call "Neighborhood Night Out". Twelve (adults only!!!) of us get together a few times a year to eat, drink, and be merry...and drink some more. We always end up having ladies vs. gents (yeah right) game time for a LOT of laughs. (So these six couples' 17 children will be with gram and gramps for the night:)...although several are way way way too old for babysitters...)

So what will we eat? Well, I always make cheesecake,but I am so tired of cheesecake.So I've been looking for some great ideas. So...we are making shrimp fried rice, and one of the desserts I discovered on the Pier 1 site under "Tasting Party". Check it out...there' surely something to please. Enjoy.


After Thanksgiving I Felt Like a Weeble!

So...How are you feeling after the feast? I'm still trying to recover. Seriously, pie, turkey, stuffing...more stuffing, more stuffing. I feel like I could pop! Yet, I am still aiming to look cute for Christmas...right? Ugh-hugh. I am not hugely over my limit. But I am hovering dangerously close to my limit of 130. I am very happy, and actually fit in my winter pants at 122ish. I will get back there. I will guilt myself into it.

One of my favorite getting back into my jeans meals is salmon. It's healthy, easy, and my husband and I enjoy the taste.Wild Alaskan Seafood has amazing salmon. I ordered it for the first time a few months back. I was a little nervous...frozen salmon from so far away...but it was INCREDIBLE!!! First off, it shipped quickly, and secondly itwas packaged to perfection.

I unthaw 2 filets in the fridge the night before I am cooking it. What a simple meal. I lay the 2 filets in my glass corningware dish, wisk together freshly squeezed lemon, olive oil, and capers, pour over the salmon, and bake until slightly flaky. A little broccoli on the side with a fresh tossed salad. Perfect! In fact, if I keep eating like this, I may have to treat myself to a Gingerbread Martini this weekend!! Cheers!
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