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A New Favorite...and an Old Constant

kieljamespatrick.comhas my new favorite items. I first saw them on Preppy Sue's site, and have since been stalking the web site. We have been seriously watching our spending...but I may have to splurge on one of these very affordable bracelets. Or maybe I'll wait for Christmas. Or maybe I'll call it my birthday present I haven't yet picked out from my b-day 2 weeks ago(turned 45 on Oct 22nd...horrors). I'm not really sure.

On other notes, I have had frost on my car the past 2 mornings. I leave for work around 6:30...with just a 15 minute commute; but I've already been donning the down vest and gloves. It's too early for this! It has been in the low 30's in the morning, and hits the 50's. The afternoons have been beautiful. I'm mourning my flip flops and cargo shorts...warm sun on my windows down...:(


  1. I remember the preppy days. I still dress in that fashion to some degree.

    That would be cute on my wife...Thank you for the tip.


  2. Flip flops and cargos? You are lucky then... we've been in boots for a while now. :)

  3. I love that bracelet, too. I think I might have to have one.

    It's getting colder where I live as well. But, for some reason, it's been unseasonably warm. I'll take it! Before I know it, I'll be living with 2 feet of snow and temperatures in the teens.

    Stay warm!


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