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Do you have a favorite towel? You know, the one you always reach for after your shower or bath? I do! We have collected a variety of towels over the years...thick, thin, plush, super plush, velour, terry, spa, bamboo, organic, etc...My favorite towels are always the ones that are a happy medium. Literally. I don't like the super plush towels, because while they absorb the water as you dry off, I feel that they are then saturated. Besides, they take forever to dry in the dryer. I LOVE a towel that has a slightly rough texture to it. You know, the kind that has been around for a few years...the one that feels like it's giving a gentle exfoliation to your skin.

Here are a few of my favorites:

The 2 above are sold online at Garnet Hill.

These 3 are from Matouk

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  1. Um,

    You are a girly girl....I actually am not so keen on towels at the beach. I like them plush for the hot tub and well worn in the house...


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