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Baby It's Cold Outside

So...have you turned on your heat yet? Here in Massachusetts, it's been down in the 40's several nights. But we try really hard to wait until November 1st to turn on the heat. After all, who wants to start paying the gas bill again. If it dips below 60 in the house, we turn it far so good. Nothing a hoodie and a down blanket won't cure!!

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It's a Wrap

Do you have a favorite towel? You know, the one you always reach for after your shower or bath? I do! We have collected a variety of towels over the years...thick, thin, plush, super plush, velour, terry, spa, bamboo, organic, etc...My favorite towels are always the ones that are a happy medium. Literally. I don't like the super plush towels, because while they absorb the water as you dry off, I feel that they are then saturated. Besides, they take forever to dry in the dryer. I LOVE a towel that has a slightly rough texture to it. You know, the kind that has been around for a few years...the one that feels like it's giving a gentle exfoliation to your skin.

Here are a few of my favorites:

The 2 above are sold online at Garnet Hill.

These 3 are from Matouk


Next Spring....

We recently met a gorgeous black pug. We fell in love. If the same breeder will breed a litter for next spring...well...just maybe...
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