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What's Up Earl?

So...we are watching out for Earl.My husband(and kids) just found out they will get released early from school tomorrow. Me? Not sure yet. I work in another town.

For my newer readers, while my blog title has "Nantucket" in it, I don't actually live on Nantucket...I live on the southcoast of Massachusetts. So yes, we are watching the storm....but we are sort of just east of what we like to call the armpit as you look at the Cape's flexed arm.

We'll keep you up to date. Stay safe everyone. On my way out to pick up the yard, and pick all of the tomatoes :(


  1. it seems earl is THE big one : hope everything will be all right for you and your familly ... stay safe far away from trees and sea.
    i will think of you my friend

  2. Looks like we are scraping by with just heavy wind and rain! At least the yard is picked up now though! Enjoy your weekend, it should be a nice one.

  3. Good Luck! Being on the south coast I imagine you will see at least rain and heavy wind.

  4. Living in Florida I am used to watching for the storms this time of year. The good news is that the High pressure system coming in from the west will keep Earl off the coast and grazing the Cape. The Islands may get the worst of it. Stay safe.


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