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What are your kids going to be for Halloween this year? Loved these 2 years ago on my kids. We usually Trick-or Treat on our street with our neighbors; then we head to the center of town for a Halloween parade. It ends with costume judging, and bags of candy.I guess I'm starting to think fall. I took all of my geraniums to my classroom windowsill for the winter, so my window box is calling out for some mums!

What do you think of when you think of fall?

I think of:

1.) pumpkins and mums

2.) crisp nights...perfect for sleeping

3.) crisp mornings...when I don't want to get out from the snuggly covers

4.) warm wool sweaters with NO bulky winter coat

5.) tweeds, wool, jewel colors

6.) scarves soft and enveloping

7.) hot cider

8.) pumpkin patches

9.) playing at the beach with our kids

10.) maples glowing like sunset

11.) pumpkin bread

12.) making soup

13.) curling up with a good book(I wish)

14.) Vogue and Town & Country Fall Issues


  1. totally agree! there is nothing like those feelings of autumn in the air! hope you're having a great week!

  2. The Wii controls are a brilliant idea. You are a very patient mom to have made that!
    Fall is all about soups and making oatmeal cookies to take to Rugby games.
    In the UK, pumpkins are almost better in November but Halloween is making it's way to neighbourhoods all around us.
    I love dog walking when the fields have been harvested and making elderberry jam from the berries in wild hedgerows.
    I miss New England color though, the most.

  3. Oh wow! Now that is a costume!!!

    Fall? Grrrr

    I try to dwell on the positive with fall but fail miserably at times.

    Your thoughts are plesant reminders of the good things about fall..

    Perhaps I will post somethng about them too....



  4. I love this list! And that photo is just precious!

  5. i think of so many of these same things! fall is such a cozy time!

    thank you for such sweet comments. they mean a lot! :)


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