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Nate Berkus...We Need Your Help!

I love my house...but...well...I'm not sure where to begin. We've lived in our 1830's antique cape for about 12 years now. We've done mega amounts of work. And there is no end in sight. I mean, we enjoy a small project here and there, but we are at a point where our remaining projects are big. We desperately need a new full bath update on the main level, we need to pour cement in our dirt floor cellar(we have no subfloors, so the cellar air comes up into our main level through cracks in our wide board floors), we need to finish staining the outside, and scrape/paint the trim. We would like to take wallpaper down in our bedroom and skim coat the walls.Maybe in the dining room and kiving room too while we are dewallpapering.

But other than the touch ups, we have a few problems as well. We have the master on the first floor, 2 kids bedrooms upstairs. They are 6 and 11, but don't really like being "alone" up there. (Our house is pretty small, so up there is not very far away. Oh, and our kids don't want to budge.

We built a gorgeous kitchen/living space 6 years ago, and definitely have charm here and there. But we are at a confusing crossroad.

Here is the hideous bathroom. It gets worse too. Big ship mural over tub. Yuck. Nate Berkus...please help!


  1. Tell me about projects,ha ha. I work for my father who is a contractor! And even his house isn't finished after 23 years! .. but that's because he's a perfectionist.
    But he too, needs help!

    Your house is really cute, even if it does have a hideous bathroom.

  2. sincerely , i wish i could live in your house ... so cute AND cozy ! But i understand you as well ...
    Do you want to exchange my beach house and yours ?

  3. Um, keep the downstairs bedroom. We built ours that way and never regretted it.

    I'm sure you will drum up some nice decor in the bathroom...

  4. I think you have done some wonderful changes to your home. It is just all so expensive to change things in major ways. We did have bath fitters come in and do the main bathtub and shower and it is wonderfully clean and nice now, but it took a very large chunk of the household budget.

  5. Your house is beautiful! That kitchen is especially gorgeous and I am rather jealous that you have lavender. I have to settle for going to the lavender farm in Harwich, which is a nice trip, but still. Could you redo the bathroom in blue, or a less offensive shade of green? And I want to see what this mural looks like. It could have potential...

  6. Oh, I adore your home! We spend a month in Harwich each summer, and it looks just like all of the houses there!! So jealous!

  7. No constructive criticisim from over here. I am loving everythng about your home. I would move there in a blink. Wanna trade?:)

  8. I love your house, so cute. A house like that would be one of my picks for dream home some day.


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