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Edna's Bed Lunch

I had trouble sleeping last night, and for some reason Bed Lunch popped into my mind. Edna's Bed Lunch. My Grandmother was the one who introduced us to the term and we used it through our entire childhood...all 5 of us. It was that little snack before you went to bed...the one that made it so you didn't fall asleep hungry. It was comforting. It was NEVER nutritious. EVER. I'd like to say we ate whole grain toast with homemade marmalade, or a bowl of fresh-picked strawberries...but Nah...we ate Poptarts, Devil Dogs, Ring Dings, Chips Space Food Sticks. With a glass of milk of course. :) If we were sleeping at Clarence and Edna's(our grandparents), we would sit on the couch with a TV tray and have some delectable over-processed treat with Orange-Ade or other soda. We survived. Perhaps with a few more cavities than our own kids...but we really turned out Ok! We tend to steer clear of sugary snacks at bedtime with our own fact I'm pretty strict about what they eat before bed. Hopefully they will still have happy memories of Bed Lunch...that comforting bedtime snack. Did you/do you have Bed Lunch?


  1. Ha, I nevr calle dit a bed lunch. I don't recall a ritual where we had any snack before bedtime actually. i can remember drinking a glass of milk and having a slice of bread or something along those lines.

    I love the idea however!!

    Edna's bed lunch.

    I miss my grandparents... We did some of the silliest things.

    Have a good weekend buddy,


  2. absolutly not as we ate at 7.30 or 8 at the evening , we were not very hungry when we went to sleep at 8.30! And it's exactly the same faot the girls now ( just a little glass of milk) ... That sounds original for french people i guess...

  3. My son does. He wants cereal, warm milk and honey EVERY night. I frrequently drink a cup of decaf black tee with slices of apples and lemon before bed( my grandma taught me, sounds weird, but totally delishious). Sometimes a piece of cookie with a tea, but not often.

  4. My grandmother ALWAYS gives us ice cream before bed. I never called it a bed lunch, though!


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