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Nate Berkus...We Need Your Help!

I love my house...but...well...I'm not sure where to begin. We've lived in our 1830's antique cape for about 12 years now. We've done mega amounts of work. And there is no end in sight. I mean, we enjoy a small project here and there, but we are at a point where our remaining projects are big. We desperately need a new full bath update on the main level, we need to pour cement in our dirt floor cellar(we have no subfloors, so the cellar air comes up into our main level through cracks in our wide board floors), we need to finish staining the outside, and scrape/paint the trim. We would like to take wallpaper down in our bedroom and skim coat the walls.Maybe in the dining room and kiving room too while we are dewallpapering.

But other than the touch ups, we have a few problems as well. We have the master on the first floor, 2 kids bedrooms upstairs. They are 6 and 11, but don't really like being "alone" up there. (Our house is pretty small, so up there is not very far away. Oh, and our kids don't want to budge.

We built a gorgeous kitchen/living space 6 years ago, and definitely have charm here and there. But we are at a confusing crossroad.

Here is the hideous bathroom. It gets worse too. Big ship mural over tub. Yuck. Nate Berkus...please help!


Varsity Girls

It's pretty cool when talented local kids become stars...and that's just where these local girls are headed! Take a peek at their site and listen to a few songs...catchy! They are developing quite a fan base, and have really promoted themselves in a positive light for kids. As parents, we all know how important this is.


What are your kids going to be for Halloween this year? Loved these 2 years ago on my kids. We usually Trick-or Treat on our street with our neighbors; then we head to the center of town for a Halloween parade. It ends with costume judging, and bags of candy.I guess I'm starting to think fall. I took all of my geraniums to my classroom windowsill for the winter, so my window box is calling out for some mums!

What do you think of when you think of fall?

I think of:

1.) pumpkins and mums

2.) crisp nights...perfect for sleeping

3.) crisp mornings...when I don't want to get out from the snuggly covers

4.) warm wool sweaters with NO bulky winter coat

5.) tweeds, wool, jewel colors

6.) scarves soft and enveloping

7.) hot cider

8.) pumpkin patches

9.) playing at the beach with our kids

10.) maples glowing like sunset

11.) pumpkin bread

12.) making soup

13.) curling up with a good book(I wish)

14.) Vogue and Town & Country Fall Issues


Edna's Bed Lunch

I had trouble sleeping last night, and for some reason Bed Lunch popped into my mind. Edna's Bed Lunch. My Grandmother was the one who introduced us to the term and we used it through our entire childhood...all 5 of us. It was that little snack before you went to bed...the one that made it so you didn't fall asleep hungry. It was comforting. It was NEVER nutritious. EVER. I'd like to say we ate whole grain toast with homemade marmalade, or a bowl of fresh-picked strawberries...but Nah...we ate Poptarts, Devil Dogs, Ring Dings, Chips Space Food Sticks. With a glass of milk of course. :) If we were sleeping at Clarence and Edna's(our grandparents), we would sit on the couch with a TV tray and have some delectable over-processed treat with Orange-Ade or other soda. We survived. Perhaps with a few more cavities than our own kids...but we really turned out Ok! We tend to steer clear of sugary snacks at bedtime with our own fact I'm pretty strict about what they eat before bed. Hopefully they will still have happy memories of Bed Lunch...that comforting bedtime snack. Did you/do you have Bed Lunch?


I'm So Mad(and Glad) About Earl...

I picked everything I could get my hands on in the garden when Earl was headed our way. It missed us...thankfully. But now I am working my magic getting these babies to ripen up. I'm so tired of talking about tomatoes.


What's Up Earl?

So...we are watching out for Earl.My husband(and kids) just found out they will get released early from school tomorrow. Me? Not sure yet. I work in another town.

For my newer readers, while my blog title has "Nantucket" in it, I don't actually live on Nantucket...I live on the southcoast of Massachusetts. So yes, we are watching the storm....but we are sort of just east of what we like to call the armpit as you look at the Cape's flexed arm.

We'll keep you up to date. Stay safe everyone. On my way out to pick up the yard, and pick all of the tomatoes :(
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