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I've had her longer than...

I've had my cat Maggie since my first year teaching. I got her in February of that year. She's a Valentine's Baby.I worked at a clothing store in college, and she was at the pet store next door. She was the color of a Hershey bar...only fluffier. I checked on her daily. Then she was gone. I inquired. She was in the back with a double eye infection.. They made me a deal. If I would take her home and nurse her back to health I could HAVE her. Done deal. I put her ointment in daily. When she finally opened her eyes, she looked up at me from her perch on my chest like she owed me her life. We were in love.
Fast forward...this will be my 19th year teaching. Yup. She's an old lady. I had her in my first apartment. It was also the year I met my husband. Although we were just coworkers at the time:) We've lived through many years of mischief. Of bringing home 2 6 and 11...of new houses...and then a few weeks ago 2 seizures. She tried to get outside...something she has always been petrified of. I think she was close to dying...she knew it. But oddly enough she seems fine now. Slower. More reserved. But hungry...and loving. Maybe she had a virus or something. We are prepared just in case...but I will miss my girl. She sure has seen me through a lifetime. How blessed to have unconditional love.

My hubs took this pic of me on the floor with Maggie. I spend a lot of time there these days. She has become a bit spoiled by it. School starts soon. I'll miss checking on her 100 times a day. Maybe she'll get some rest.


  1. My cats have passed in the past three years and it is hard...they took their time, gave us time to adjust, but there are times I swear I feel their fluffy presence around me. My kids won't remember them when they are older, but I will let them know how very much they loved our old, slow cats. :) Maybe one day we can have another pair of furballs around again.

    What a sweet post. Keep us updated, okay?

  2. what a sweet story about your kitty! I used to have a cat named weiser that I loved. Now I have my yorkie Oscar who thinks he's human! It's so hard to think about saying goodbye to him one day. I'm glad your kitty is well for now!

  3. I had a cat that looked just like that and she passed away at age 19 just in May. She saw me through law school, marriage, miscarriages, 3 babies. It was hard to say good bye but at the end she was ready to go. Emjoy every moment. When she's ready to go, she'll let you know. God Bless!

  4. I had a cat just like that for over 18 years.

    I wish I knew what to say.

    I know you love Maggie.


  5. This post is so sweet it made me cry. I'm in love with cats they're such great pets, at least the ones I have had. I hope you have lots and lots of photos of your Cat Maggie so you can look back and remember those times when she was there.

    A few years ago my black cat Bombay got hit by a car right before Halloween. I remember going to the grocery store that day and walking past the Halloween aisle and all of the black cat decor made me burst into tears, I have never missed an animal so much.

    My dad was very close to my cat and he would stand next to where Bombay was buried and cry for days (my mom couldn't believe it) but I understood the bond we both had with this cat.

    To help us grieve I put a cat shaped candle holder near where he was buried and when the candle is lit it makes a shadow of a cat. My dad loved it.

    I have since brought home 3 new cats, they're all unique & lovable. I can only hope that they can live a happy and full life just like Maggie.

  6. How difficult it is to let the beloved ones go. Stay strong, even though I was weak and cried over your post. I am very sorry for what you are going through, how I could help?

  7. Thanks to all of you for your support. I was overwhelmed and brought to tears by your kindness. It's so nice to know that there are others who truly understand.


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