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Doesn't Someone Want to Hire Me to Be a Stay at Home Mom?

Maybe Oprah should do an experiment on this. I would be GLAD to volunteer. Ok, so technically I wouldn't be a stay at home kids are going off to 1st and 6th grades. But...I could do all the mommyish things I need go to school at lunchtime to eat with my all of the other stay at home moms in my community. Believe me, my girly reminds me frequently that I'm not there. I could organize this unorganized chaos I call home. Peel the wallpaper, paint the bathroom, cook fabulous meals, run a forgotten piece of homework to school. After 19 years in my current teaching job, I am so melancholy to go back and leave behind what I have soaked up all summer. Believe me, I know I am SOOOO lucky to have that time with the kids and my husband(also a teacher). Just one year...that's all I want. If someone could just do me the teeny tiny favor of paying my mortgage for that year, I would be most grateful. :) Dream on, Dream on......


  1. I hear ya lady; I'm excited for my career, and all, but, man, it's nice to get things done and be home all day! This summer (or the last two weeks, at least) has spoiled me!

  2. I told my husband, the moment he hits it big ( and he does not even play a lottery, lazy soul), I am framing all of my diplomas and putting them lovingly on a wall. I'll have 10 more babies and will cook breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday from scratch. Love would be gooooood...

  3. I understand your state of mind : after 2 months with my daughters , enjoying time running slowly , it's hard to have to come back at work.
    I sometimes would love ( for the girls) to be a stay at home but i think i'm not that kind of women ! I need to have a job ... But i'm exhausted sometimes by caring all those pupils and not having enough time for MY children and familly .

  4. My wife did it for awhile and liked it. Both my parents were school teachers. I know you work hard. Back in those days my parents didn't have income during the summer so Dad fished to make ends meet.

    To answer your question I was wondering if you ever used a heart rate monitor? The Seals train with those things. Also, have you considered doing some light running vs. walking? You have to get the proper shoes for your stride and if you go easy you may like the results...

  5. cute! I hope it happens for you. :)

    thank you for SuCH a nice comment about my home! :)


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